End the school struggles

Give your child the skills to excel in the classroom with our revolutionary OT methodology.

End the school struggles

Give your child the skills to excel in the classroom with our revolutionary OT methodology.

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If your child struggles with auditory and visual processing, it can impact their ability to learn.

The Smart Stride OT program corrects these deficits and paves the way for long-term academic triumph.

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Your kid is smart but
he’s not finding his stride.

If you check any of these boxes, our SSOT program may be for you.

Your child can master the skills for learning, not just the subject material. Change your kid’s school experience.

He has trouble with kriah/reading on grade level

His homework and grades make you dread PTA

His briefcase is a disorganized mess

He rarely knows what was assigned for homework

The principal has you on speed dial

You keep hiring new tutors for the same subject

He is completely overwhelmed by regular homework 

He knows the material when studying but then fails the test

The nights before a test are so challenging because he always seems unprepared 

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SSOT transformed my child’s learning experience.

Her progress in comprehension and visual memory is remarkable, and she now loves going to school!

Shana D., Boro Park

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This program changed everything.

My child is now keeping up with his classes. He’s even excelling in subjects that used to give him trouble.

Esther L., Brooklyn

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Smart Stride made all the difference.

My child is 12 years old and has been struggling with reading his whole life. Since starting, our son’s reading skills have improved dramatically, and his confidence has soared! He’s learning gemara and learning beautifully! 

Avi G., Brooklyn

1 in 6 children has a processing disorder that holds them back in school

Every child has potential, and when they struggle that does not mean they are not smart or capable. Sometimes there are developmental factors that have gone undiscovered. Once they are targeted, a child's whole world can change.

The SSOT Program adresses the missing blocks

No matter what the challenge may be, don't give up hope. Every kid can improve, even when you think you've tried everything. The SSOT Program focuses on developing essential skills that enable a child to thrive and excel alongside their peers.

the ssot program targets:

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Auditory Processing Disorder

A child's ears may function normally, but they struggle to understand, distinguish, or remember what they hear.

This may manifest as difficulty in following discussions, or trouble comprehending spoken language in noisy environments.

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Visual Processing Disorder

A child's eyes may function well, but they struggle to understand, distinguish, or remember what they see.

This can lead to difficulties in reading or interpreting visual information, such as recognizing letters or words on a page.

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This is a child’s ability to use both auditory and visual processing skills together in a coherent, natural manner.

The brain needs to utilize both skills in tandem to create an overall understanding of both spoken and written communication.

smart stride ot can help with:

Poor reading comprehension
Poor auditory comprehension
Executive dysfunction
Kriah difficulties
English reading difficulties
Poor letter recognition 

Memory struggles
Sequencing difficulties
Following directions
Reading challenges
Messy work
Trouble focusing in class

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At Smart Stride OT, we empower academic success through targeted occupational therapy, emphasizing auditory and visual processing skills. We develop skills to foster confident and successful learners in school.

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