Meet Founder, Rivka Piotrkowski

Rivka has been involved in childhood development for close to a decade, and founded Smart Stride OT (formerly Special Touch OT) in 2015, to help children deal with academic and soft skill difficulties due to auditory and visual processing delays.

A lecturer and workshop creator for networking events, schools, and awareness events, Rivka consistently wows her audience with warmth, knowledge, and proven success.



Through Smart Stride OT, Rivka has broken new ground in childhood development with her unique and highly successful approach.

Her methodology consists of traditionally researched methods, innovative applications, and a never-ending quest to see each child win in the game of academics and life.

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Reach out for Rivka’s expert insight into your child’s unique struggles.

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What makes us different from other OT programs?

While all OT addresses the issues a child is having with their day-to-day activities, we focus on exactly how those issues are affecting his/her school experience.

We look at the whole picture and work together with the child’s educators and parents so the progress we make doesn’t only help them manage their school years better, but sets them up with the skills they need for life.

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At Smart Stride OT, we empower academic success through targeted occupational therapy, emphasizing auditory and visual processing skills. We develop skills to foster confident and successful learners in school.

Servicing Boro Park and surrounding areas


1922 52nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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