The Importance of Integrating Visual & Auditory Processing

If you’ve read our blog articles on Auditory and Visual Processing Disorders, you already know that both visual and auditory…

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Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Auditory Processing Disorder

As we’ve covered in other posts, an audio processing disorder (APD) is a challenge in which a child struggles to…

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7 Daily Activities that will Improve Your Child’s Auditory Processing Skills

An auditory processing disorder can pose a challenge for many children as it complicates their ability to grow in various…

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What Is a Visual Processing Disorder?

Many different types of challenges might be considered visual processing disorders. If your child experiences difficulties during any part of…

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What Is an Auditory Processing Disorder?

Generally speaking, a challenge may be diagnosed as an auditory processing disorder (APD) when it involves a struggle with reacting…

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The Best Ways to Prepare for a Test

When struggling academically due to an auditory or visual processing disorder, test-taking can pose uniquely difficult challenges.   While tests are…

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At Smart Stride OT, we empower academic success through targeted occupational therapy, emphasizing auditory and visual processing skills. We develop skills to foster confident and successful learners in school.

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